Top 3 Best Toaster With Egg Cooker For All Your Needs

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Eggs are an indispensable food for any good breakfast. Across the globe, eggs are a notable ingredient in any chef’s recipe. Eggs are necessary for pancakes, ramen, and waffles; all of which are the most common breakfast foods. As such, there is no greater convenience than owning a toaster with an egg cooker. These toaster ovens have a variety of features including steamer trays. Our favorite best toaster with an egg cooker is the West Bend 2-Slice 78500 Breakfast Station. This toaster comes with unlimited cooking options that include heating meat and vegetables. The slots in the toaster are wide and flexible to accommodate a variety of baked foods including waffles.

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Top 3 Best Toaster With Egg Cooker

#1, West Bend 2-Slice 78500 Breakfast Station Wide Slot Toaster W/ Removable Crumb includes Meat & Vegetable Warming Tray W/ Egg Cooker & Poacher, Black- Best for overall performance

West Bend is one of the few kitchen appliance brands in the market that guarantee convenient and effortless toasting in the kitchen. The 2-Slice 78500 Breakfast Station toaster by the brand comes with an egg cooker and a warming tray for meat and vegetables. Therefore, when you invest in this toaster, you get more than you bargain for. The toaster is designed to toast a wide variety of pastries including muffins, bagels, and croissants.

Simultaneous functionality

One of the most outstanding and exclusive features about this West Bend toaster is that it comes with a simultaneous functionality. As such, you can use the toaster for toasting bread slices, warm pre-cooked meat, and poach 4 eggs simultaneously. This makes it easy for you to prepare your breakfast in a few minutes rather than having to prepare each meal one at a time. You can hard/soft boil a maximum of 8 eggs at a time and easily poach/scramble two eggs within 4 minutes.

The extra-wide slots in the toaster allow for versatility when it comes to toasting different baked foods. This is because the wide slots are designed to accommodate different foods including croissants and bagels easily. With this toaster, you can prepare a breakfast sandwich at any time; whether in the morning, during the day, or in the evening.

Variable settings

This West Bend toaster comes with variable toast settings that allow you to determine the level of shading in the toast of choice. There are 7 shade settings in the toaster for the user to choose between light shades and extremely dark shades. Ideally, the toaster presents its users with the freedom to personalize their breakfasts as they wish.

The compact toaster also has a meat tray that provides for easy warming of pineapple slices or meats tomato as accompaniments to toasts and sandwiches. The best thing about the toaster is that it features a solid and strong stainless-steel construction. As such, the toaster is durable and also cushioned against corrosion and rust. As such, the toaster is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Convenient to operate as it has a high-lift lever
  • Loaded with tons of features for versatility
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Energy and power-efficient
  • Comes with 7 shade settings
  • Not ideal for small and squeezed kitchens

#2, Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Silver-25475A- Best for versatility and multi-function use

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast 25475A Sandwich Maker is an innovative toaster that is designed for creative chefs and cooks who are fond of trying out new breakfast recipes. The sandwich maker is efficiently portable and mobile thereby making it a great choice for people who are constantly on the move. If you are looking for an egg cooker and toaster that can deliver delicious sandwiches simultaneously, then this is the ideal appliance for you.

Quick and easy

Hamilton designs its products uniquely such that they are incredibly efficient, reliable, and with an impeccable performance. Therefore, when you invest in this sandwich maker, you get a powerful appliance that will enable you to prepare your sandwiches in just a few minutes. The appliance is designed for heavy-duty use and hence you can use it to prepare sandwiches at any time of the day or night. It guarantees to remain efficient and powerful at all times.

The sandwich maker is quite easy to use due to its straightforward and simple design. All the parts in the toaster are easy to assemble for easy and convenient packing when traveling. The toaster comes with a detailed recipe book that details a variety of breakfast choices that you can prepare with the toaster.

Easy cleanup

Unlike other sandwich makers and toasters in the market that are complex to clean, this Hamilton sandwich maker is the exact opposite. This is because all the removable parts in the sandwich maker are dishwasher friendly. In addition to this, all surfaces in the appliance feature a durable non-stick coating that provides for quick and easy cleaning after use.

The sandwich maker allows you to customize your sandwiches using a variety of food types including cheese, bread, meats, and eggs among other foods. Budding home chefs and cooks will find the toaster to be expressly useful in their quest to hone and polish their breakfast preparation skills. The sandwich maker is flexible and functional and hence you can use it for a wide variety of breakfast meals.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with an audible timer
  • Portable and mobile
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Comes with dishwasher-friendly parts
  • Only delivers round-shaped sandwiches

#3, Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Electric Breakfast Station, Coffeemaker, Griddle, Toaster Oven, Aqua- best for a compact design and unique features

The pro designers at Nostalgia stopped at nothing when designing the Retro-3-in-1 Family Size Electric Breakfast Station. This is because the toaster is a 3-n-1 kitchen appliance that also features a multi-purpose cooker tray at the top and a coffee maker. The toaster is a perfect choice for chefs looking to buy a coffee maker, microwave, and a bread toaster. This is because the Nostalgia Retro toaster gives all of these appliances in one compact appliance. As such, you get the value of three appliances in only one appliance.

Multi-functioning toaster

If you have ever heard the phrase ‘A kitchen appliance that can do literary anything’, then this Nostalgia Retro is the ultimate appliance.

From toasting 4 bread slices to preparing coffee and scrambling eggs and sausages, this toaster allows you to do all these tasks simultaneously. You can also use the toaster heating 7-inch pizzas as well as make cookies, casseroles, and other delicious foods.

The coffee maker in the toaster has a brewing capacity of 4 cups at a time. As such, you can rely on the toaster for preparing breakfast for a modest family. The coffee maker comes with a reusable filter, a glass carafe, and a coffee scoop. As if being multi-functional is not enough, the appliance is quite easy to clean as the oven tray, crumb tray, wire rack, and griddle are removable and have non-stick properties.

Roomy and spacious

Being a massive toaster, you should not expect any compromise when it comes to the interior space. For starters, the griddle in the toaster is family-sized to provide sufficient space for frying eggs, omelets, sausages, pancakes, hash browns, and bacon among other breakfast foods. The griddle has a glass lid that allows you to monitor how your breakfast is cooking while still covered.

The compact design of the toaster is space-saving thereby making it a perfect appliance for apartments, small kitchens, campers/RVs, and dorms. It is also lightweight and hence you can easily carry it around when traveling. The control panel in the toaster allows you to choose different settings including warm/heat, toast/bake, grill, or oven off. There is an indicator light that alerts you when the toaster is turned on.

  • Compact toaster with multiple functionalities
  • Solid and strong construction
  • Flexible and function
  • Straightforward to operate and use
  • Versatile and easy to clean
  • High power consumption due to multiple appliances

What to look for in the best toaster with egg cooker

A kitchen is never complete without a multi-purpose toaster that you can also use for preparing other meals like eggs and coffee. When it comes to choosing the best toaster with an egg cooker, there are several factors worth considering. Before you invest in any toaster, be sure to consider the following factors:


Since toasters with egg cookers are complex appliances, you should expect that their power consumption will be higher than that of standard toasters. High wattage in these toasters brings about the best results including crunchy toasts, evenly cooked eggs, and tastefully brewed coffee (for toasters with coffee makers). Low wattage on the other hand gives poor quality and inferior results. Therefore, you should only invest in a toaster with sufficient power to produce the results you are looking for. Power consumption should not be much of a concern unless you are planning on using the toaster for long sessions.

Functions and features

The best and easiest way of getting the best results from your toaster is by guaranteeing that you only settle on a toaster with an egg cooker that has multiple functionalities and features. For instance, you should look for a toaster that not only prepares eggs, but also one that has features like a coffee maker, and meat/vegetable tray among other features.

Design and size

Usually, a toaster that has an egg cooker and any other additional feature is bound to be larger than standard toasters. Therefore, you need to consider the design and size of the toaster before settling for any toaster. If you do not have much space in your kitchen, then it is recommendable that you settle for a toaster with a compact design that will fit your kitchen perfectly. Also, the toaster of choice should have a functional design that will allow you to undertake multiple tasks simultaneously.

Ease of cleaning

Toasters with egg cookers tend to get dirtier a lot faster than other toasters. Due to this, you will need to clean the toaster thoroughly after every use for the best results. As such, the toaster of choice must be easy to clean and should have non-stick surfaces. The crumb tray in the toaster should be easily removable and washable in water. As a bonus tip, you should never wash a toaster in a dishwasher.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a toaster with an egg cooker determines how useful and reliable the toaster will be to you. Usually, high-end toasters with superior quality build materials and efficiency are quite durable and hence have a good life expectancy. Usually, an expensive toaster does not always translate to a good and reliable kitchen appliance. This is why you will need to consider the build materials in the toaster, level of expertise, and craftsmanship used in the design and construction of the toaster of choice. Also, you need to check whether replacement parts and repair services of the toaster brand are readily available.


If you settle for a toaster that has an egg cooker as well as other functions and features, you can prepare your whole breakfast within just a few minutes using the same appliance. Toast, prepare eggs, sausages, or warm meat in only a few minutes. All you need to do is place your food in the respective slots in the toaster and let your food cook in a few short minutes.

Where can you buy a toaster with an egg cooker?

The best place to buy your toaster is online. You not only get access to tons of brands and models but also get to read reviews on the best toaster worth your money. Additionally, you also get to browse through tons of toasters from the comfort of your living room. Whichever brand or model you settle for, be sure to check the user reviews left by people who have used the toaster previously. This gives you first-hand information on what to expect from the toaster.


Combo toasters with egg cookers are a new wave that is making breakfast preparation a buzz. You no longer need to invest in separate kitchen appliances while you can buy one appliance that is designed to handle all the tasks conveniently and efficiently. You not only get value for your money but also get an appliance that will save space in your kitchen. Always invest in a toaster that has a sophisticated design and premium features that will come in handy in the kitchen.

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