Top 5 Best 4-Slice Toaster for Crunchy Slices and Bagels

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Your breakfast preparation no longer needs to complicated and time-consuming as you can invest in the best four-slice toasters. These decent toasters pride themselves in superior construction and design that enhances their performance and functionality. The Lofter 4 Slice Toaster is our top pick for the best 4 slice toaster. This is because it comes with modern features and a scratch-resistant stainless-steel surface that retains its rustic and attractive look for a long. Here are some of the top four-slice toasters reviews:

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Top 5 Best 4-Slice Toaster

#1, LOFTER Prime Rated Bread Toasters W/ Compact LED Display, 4 Slice Mirror Stainless Steel Toaster W/ 6 Shade Settings – Best overall

Boasting of added convenience and uniqueness, the LOFTER Prime Rated Bread Toaster features an exclusive toast boost functionality that gives slices a high lift boost for easy removal. This in turn allows you to grab even the smallest bread slices with great ease and convenience. The extra-wide slots in the toaster make it ideal to use the toaster for English muffins, artisan bread slices, and bagels. You can achieve your toast doneness preference by using the toast selector.

LED Countdown Timer

This high-end bread toaster features a classy blue LED display screen that indicates the toasting progress. This makes it easy to monitor the toasting time depending on the selected shade setting. Consequently, this digital display ensures that you neither under nor over toast your slices of bread. In addition to this, there are three basic functions in the toaster. They include defrost, reheat, and cancel settings. You choose either of these modes depending on how you want to toast your bread slices.

This stainless steel toaster features 6 browning dials. These dials are designed to make it easy for you to decide on your preferred toasting degree. You can choose from light golden to a deep dark roasted slice depending on your preferences and toasting tastes. Using the dials, you can also decide on the degree of toasting that is right for you.

100% Safety and Easy to Clean

Built using high-quality stainless steel, this Lofter 4-Slice toaster is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes it a great choice for use in a busy kitchen for heavy-duty toasting tasks. What is more unique about the toaster is that it features a multi-hole design at the bottom that allows for quick cooling. The design provides an anti-overheat feature that enhances the life and efficiency of the toaster.

This Lofter is easy to clean since bread crumbs collect in an easily removable tray located at the base of the toaster. When cleaning the toaster, you just need to remove the tray and wash it directly under running tap water. There is also a cord wrap attached underneath the base for managing the power cord after you are done using the toaster.

  • High-end stainless steel construction that makes the toaster durable and long-lasting
  • 100% safe hence does not pose any safety hazard
  • Extra-wide slots for multi-purpose toasting
  • Comes with a LED screen for monitoring toasting progress
  • Features 6 browning settings for all your toasting needs
  • The power cord is considerably short

#2, Homeart Artisan Toaster, 4 Slice, Black – Best for a stylish appearance

Homeart is popular for designing and making super aesthetic kitchen appliances. True to this, the Artisan 4 Slice Toaster by the brand is a stylish and solid toaster with a flexible design. The toaster features stainless steel construction and comes in a wide range of bold shades and colors. This gives you the freedom to choose the color shade that works best for you. There is a decorative stainless steel ring at the base of the toaster that enhances its appearance and overall decorativeness.

4 Slice Design

This Homeart toaster features a flexible 4 slice design. The toaster is made for toasting a total of 4 slices at a time. This makes it a great choice for a family toaster or even a restaurant that does light-duty toasting tasks. The most amazing part about this design is that it is flexible, and as such, you can also the toaster for bagels.

Like other exclusive quality toasters, the Homeart 4 slice toaster is easy to clean up after use. There is a discrete crumb tray that slides out and with easy cleaning after use. Since the tray, as well as the rest of the toaster, are made using the best quality stainless steel, you can be guaranteed that it does not rust or corrode due to moisture or any other damaging factors.

Dual control

Operating and using the toaster is quite easy as the dual controls in the toaster feature multiple panels as well as heating options. This allows you to independently control the toasting of each set of slices and bagels. This functionality comes in handy when you want toasts with different degrees of doneness.

This Homeart toaster is designed with unique self-centering functionality that ensures that your bagels and toasts are perfectly toasted at all times. The 4-slice toaster comes with outstanding safety features including anti-overheat protection and anti-leakage functionality. These features come in handy for busy chefs and cooks who are easily carried away in the kitchen when preparing meals.

  • Versatile toaster with a multi-purpose appeal
  • Features unique security and safety features
  • Comes with a classy retro design
  • Dual controls for easy operation
  • Solid and strong construction
  • Short power cord

#3, Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster – Best for beauty and elegance

If you are shopping for a unique and classic 4-slice toaster that perfectly blends a state of the art design and digital technology, then this Cuisinart CPT-435 four-slice toaster is the perfect choice for you. This toaster boasts for being a highly intuitive and versatile toaster with exclusive features and performance. The toaster features a unique multiple toasting options that sets it apart from other toasters.

Countdown Timer and Digital Shade Control

With this timer, you do not need to consistently monitor the toaster to know when your slices are ready. This is because the toaster features a digital countdown timer that indicates when the toast is ready. The timer comes with +/- buttons for setting your preferred time depending on how you want your toast to be. The blue timer with black numerals is readily visible even in darkness.

The shade control setting in the toaster offers a wide range of browning options. These options make it easy to choose the ideal toasting customization of different types of bread. Settings 1-2 are for a light shade, 3-5 for a medium shade, and 6-7 for a dark shade. The toaster comes with different toasting options including toast for normal bread toasting, bagel for upper half toasting, defrost for defrosting frozen bread before toasting, reheat for heating the bread without burning, or browning it and cancel for stop all toast operations.

Extra-wide slots and high lift lever

This Cuisinart toaster comes with 1.5 inches slots that are extra wide for allowing you to toast a variety of items including sliced bread, frozen pancakes, French toast, bagels, and toaster pastries. This versatility comes in handy when you are working in a restaurant or you want to try out a few toasting options in your kitchen.

There is a high lift lever in the toaster that allows you to lift the slice from the toaster after toasting is complete. This lever is useful when you are toasting small bread slices that do not pop out clearly from the toaster. Since the toaster is made from premium quality stainless steel, you need not worry that the toaster may rust or corrode upon contact with water or moisture.

  • Extra-wide toasting slots
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray which allows for easy cleaning
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Versatile toaster
  • Comes with seven toasting options to choose from
  • The portability of toaster is limited

#4, KitchenAid Kmt4115cu 4-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever, Contour Silver-Best for value

If you are looking for a high-end toaster that is designed to provide you with the best toasting experience in the kitchen, this KitchenAid 4-Slice toaster is your best choice. The toaster features a manual high lift lever that makes it easy for you to remove slices after toasting. This lever raises all types and sizes of slices from the slots for easy removal.

Extra-wide slots

This toaster by KitchenAid does not limit you when it comes to choosing the types of bread you want to toast. This is because it comes with 1 ½ inch extra-wide slots that handle English muffins, bagels, and thick bread easily. The slots accommodate a wide variety of bread and pancakes.

The attractive and decorative red finish of the toaster adds color and life to any countertop thereby taking the décor aspect of your kitchen to a whole new level. The manual level on the side of the toaster is easy and comfortable to lift your bread slices after toasting.

Bagel & cancel buttons

The bagel button in the toaster reduces power output by 50% on one side for gently browning the bottom of the bagel. The cancel button allows you to stop toasting at any time. There is an adjustable shade control that regulates toast browning from light (1) to dark (5). This gives you a chance to choose your preferred shade depending on the bread you are toasting.

The all-metal construction of the toaster provides for its unique durability and longevity of the toaster. The stainless steel housing combined with the steel interior makes the toaster hardy and resistant to wear and tear. There is also under-base cord storage that allows you to neatly store the cord when the toaster is not in use.

  • Removable crumb tray
  • Bagel and toasting settings
  • Variable and extra-wide slots
  • High lift function
  • Defrost, reheat and cancel options
  • It is huge and hence its portability

#5, BLACK + DECKER 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster, Stainless Steel, Ombre Finish (TR4310FDB), Black/ Silver Ombre – Best for toasting versatility

The Black + Decker 4-Slice toaster boasts of extra-wide slots that are designed to fit all bread types and thick bagels. The styling and design of the toaster are unique and hence add a rustic look to the toaster which in turn impacts the overall décor and attractiveness of the kitchen. The modern design of the toaster blends perfectly with different interior decors and theme colors.

Self-centering guides

With this toaster, you do not need to worry about how your toasts will turn out. This is because the toaster features self-centering guides that guarantee that your bread slices will come out well-toasted always. What is more unique about the toaster is that it features a dual setting feature that allows you to toast two different meals co-currently.

The Ombre finish in the toaster provides for a distinctive modern styling that is a unique addition in any kitchen. Additionally, the stainless steel construction ensures that the toaster is not only exceptionally beautiful but equally durable and solid. As such, it can withstand the impacts of daily use in the kitchen.

Shade selectors

There are two shade selector knobs on each side of this toaster. These control knobs are designed to meet the needs and preferences of each chef. There are seven shade settings in the toaster for chefs to choose the shade that works best for them. It is worth noting that there are dual independent controls on each side of the toaster for selecting a variety of options including bagel, reheat, and frozen options.

Overall, the toaster is quite easy to use and operate. It does not require any complex knowledge or skills to operate. This is because the control knobs and buttons in the toaster are marked for easy operation. If you want to add a delicious and tasty crunch to thick bread, bagels and artisan bread, this is the perfect toaster for you.

  • Features an aesthetic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Exterior surface is unique and attractive
  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • User-friendly
  • High power consumption

Buying guide for the best 4-slice toasters

Buying the best toaster is not always easy as most people presume. This is because there are tons of brands of these toasters with some being of superior quality while others are substandard and hence tend to fall apart within no time. Usually, when you are shopping for a toaster or any other kitchen appliance thereof, you need to undertake extensive research. This makes it easy for you to identify the most cost-efficient toaster that meets your needs and preferences. Some of the factors worth considering when shopping for these toasters.

Shade settings

Shade settings offer the levels of heat that you can toast your bread and bagels with. The higher the number of shade settings, the more the toasting options that the toaster has. Most high-end toasters come with up to 7 shade settings. However, some come with 5 shade settings.

Slot size

This is a uniquely important consideration if you are considering toasting a wide variety of homemade bread and large loaves. Additionally, if you want to be toasting bagels and crumpets, you must settle on toasters with extra-wide slots. It is advisable to avoid toasters with small-sized slots. This is because such toasters will limit the types of bread and bagels you can toast using the toaster.


Toasters with a high wattage often produce delicious and crunchy toasts. On the other hand, those with low wattage tend to produce inferior, less crunchy, and more chewy toasts. Therefore, it is advisable to settle for a toaster with a wattage of at least 1000 watts for two-slice toasters and 1800 watts for four-sliced toasters. However, there is a catch when it comes to wattage as toasters with high wattage tend to consume a lot of power.

Ease of cleaning

The ultimate four-slice toaster should be easy to clean. Avoid toasters that are complex to clean especially those that do not come with removable crumb trays. Always ensure that the toaster of choice can be wiped and cleaned easily especially when tasting many slices of bread. It is advisable to settle for toasters with stainless steel housing as they easy to wipe and clean using water without rusting or corroding.

Life expectancy

When it comes to toasters, it does not always follow the fact that expensive toasters are the longest lasting. What determines the durability and longevity of these toasters is the build quality, construction concept, and materials used in the toaster. Always settle for solid and strong toasters as they hold well against wear and tear as well as against external impacts.

Style and color

Toasters come in a wide range of styles and color options. Therefore, finding a toaster that features your favorite design and color shouldn’t be a complex task. If you are the kind of people who like coordinating their kitchen appliances, you should settle on a toaster whose color theme matches the rest of the appliances in the kitchen. This uniformity brings about a unique resemblance and decorativeness in the kitchen.

Extra toaster features

If you are keen on enjoying a unique and extraordinary toasting experience, you should consider opting for a toaster with extra features such as a high-lift functionality, countdown timer, and variable-width slots. The countdown timer comes in handy for beginners and inexperienced chefs who are keen on refining their toasting skills.


Some brands are synonymous with superior quality and unique construction concepts. Some brands employ poor workmanship and thus produce poor quality toasters. Such toasters fall apart and break down easily and hence are not worth your money. Refer to the internet to check the reviews left by customers on different brands. This helps you in ascertaining the quality brands that last for long and are highly efficient.

How to clean a toaster

Cleaning a toaster regularly is one of the necessary routine maintenance practices that you should accord your toaster. The first thing you need to do when cleaning a toaster is unplugging it from the power source. Secondly, you should remove the crumb tray, empty it in the bin then wash it using warm and soapy water. You should never put the toaster in a dishwasher. Instead, use a moist towel to wipe off the interior and exterior surfaces. Never use chemicals for cleaning the interior.

You should clean your toaster regularly such as twice every week if you use the toaster daily. This helps in preventing the buildup of crumbs. For a flawless performance and appearance, you will need to take good care of the toaster.

Before you start using a toaster, you must familiarize yourself with its operation. This makes it easy for you to get the best toasting results while ensuring that you enhance the reliability and dependability of the toaster. Avoid dropping the toaster or any other external forces as this can easily damage the toaster thereby rendering it useless.


In essence, a toaster is one of the must-have kitchen appliances for any family or restaurant. The benefits of these toasters go a long way in enabling you to enjoy a delicious breakfast. A four-slice toaster is quite economical and flexible compared to two-slice toasters. As such, investing in the best quality four-slice toaster will give you value for your hard-earned cash. Avoid buying bulky toasters as they tend to take up more counter top space and hence may bring about crowding in small-sized kitchens.

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