Top 6 Toaster Made in USA: Built to Last

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Perhaps you in the market for a high-end and superior toaster or want a toaster that will give you value for money? If yes, then you should consider toasters made in USA. Well, these toasters are not necessarily made in the US but conform to the standards and regulations for appliances marketed and sold in the USA. The US has strict regulations and standards when it comes to electrical appliances. As such, when you buy these toasters, you will be certain that you will get the best value for money and own an appliance that will last.

Our top pick for best toaster made in the USA is the Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice toaster, Brushed Stainless toaster. This toaster features a sturdy design, classy features and is built to last. The smooth reflective surfaces in the toaster make the appliance quite attractive.

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Toaster Made in USA- Toasters that are built to last

#1, Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice toaster, Brushed Stainless- Best Overall

Over the years, Cuisinart has consistently delivered high-end and best-performing appliances in comparison to other brands. The Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice toaster is no exception when it comes to quality and superior construction. This kitchen appliance prides itself in every feature you would expect to find in the best and most efficient 2-slice toasters. With a 3-year warranty, you can always be guaranteed that the toaster will deliver beyond your expectations.

Custom control

This toaster made in USA is designed to provide you with the best control so that you can determine how you want your toasts to turn out like. The toaster comes with 6-setting browning dial, defrost, reheat, and bagel button. All these buttons come with LED indicators that allow for easy operation in darkness. All these settings are designed to enable you enjoy the best performance you can expect from a toaster.

This 2-slice toaster features a shiny and attractive exterior that makes it look stunningly beautiful on any countertop surface in your kitchen. Since its compact, you can be assured that the elegant stainless-steel toaster is ideal for any kitchen; whether large or small. The bright appearance of the toaster rhymes perfectly with different themes in the kitchen.

Limitless toasting capabilities

The bagel setting in the toaster is designed to enable you toast your bagels on one side without burning the other side. What is more about the toaster is that it features wide and long slots that fit a variety of baked foods including all sizes of slices, English muffins, and waffles among other foods. The shade control setting in the toaster is designed to control the level of brownness you want in your toasts.

The high-lift lever in the toaster provides for the safe removal of slices from the appliances. This comes in handy when you are toasting small bread slices that are hard to remove from the slots. The appliance also comes with a removable crumb tray that makes it easy and effortless to clean the toaster after use.

  • Features a high-lift lever
  • Has a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning a breeze
  • Wide and long slots
  • Looks stunning and beautiful on any countertop
  • Comes with multiple toasting capabilities
  • Doesn’t have an alert for when toasting is complete

#2, KRUPS KH732D50 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel Toaster, 5 Functions W/ Cancel, Toasting, Defrost, Reheat, and Bagel, Cord Storage, Silver-Best for multiple functions

Toasters made in USA are known to feature multiple functions and features. True to this, the KH732D50 toaster by KRUPS boasts of multiple functions. From the cancel function to toasting, defrost, bagel, and reheat functions, this appliance is designed to provide you with an expressly fun and exciting experience. Being a 2-slice toaster, the appliance is ideal for typical toasting needs of a modern family.

Multiple browning levels

In addition to multiple functions, the toaster comes with six shading settings. This browning feature allows you to toasts your bread slices, muffins, and bagels exactly how you want them to be. The dial on the right side of the toaster allows you to choose the browning level you want by turning it clockwise. The buttons for the other settings and functions in the toaster are on the left side and the high-lift lever in between the two sets of buttons. This arrangement allows for convenient operation, especially when juggling between other tasks in the kitchen.

The high-lift lever is designed to provide for the safe removal of bread slices and muffins from the toaster. The toaster has a removable crumb tray that makes it quite easy to remove the tray for cleaning with water after every use.

Compact design

This KRUPS toaster boasts of a unique design that features a stainless-steel construction and a decorative chrome finish. This combination not only enhances the appearance of the toaster but also enhances the durability and reliability of the appliance. The design of the toaster makes it flexible in terms of convenience of use and storage in small-sized kitchens. The blue led indicators in the toaster provide a sleek modern outlook and style.

The toaster is designed to accommodate two extra-large slices at a time. The wide and long slots in the toaster are designed to handle a variety of bagels, specialty breads, English muffins, and buns. As such, you can rely on the toaster for all your family’s toasting needs. The self-centering slots in the toaster allow for even browning on all toasts.

  • Lightweight and hence convenient to carry around
  • Easy to use
  • Features unique LED lights that enhance the appearance of the toaster
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • The exterior surface of the body gets hot with consistent use

#3, Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster- Best for smart features

For starters, Breville toasters are sturdy and built to last. As such, when you invest in this you get assurance that the toaster will last for long while giving you the best service. This lightweight toaster is easy to operate and use for toasting bread and other baked foods. This 900-watt kitchen appliance is energy-efficient and hence you will hardly notice any change in your home power consumption.

LED panel

If you are the kind of chef who prefers using fancy toasters with bright LED panels, this is the perfect toaster for you. The panel illuminates depending on the setting you have input on the variable browning control. The toaster has multiple browning levels and as such, you can rely on the toaster to accommodate your family’s toasting needs.

This Breville toaster comes with push-button controls for bagel, toast, defrost, a bit more, and lift & look functions. The buttons in the toaster are soft to press and hence the toaster is effortless to operate and use. The lift and look function let you monitor the toasting progress thereby allowing you to get your desired results.

Intelligent One Touch Auto-Lowering

This Breville toaster is unique in that it is designed for convenient and effortless operation. The Intelligent One Touch Auto-Lowering function allows you to lower bread slices and other baked foods incredibly easily into the browning slots. The lift function in the toaster makes it easy to remove bread slices from the toaster with great ease.

The toaster has a bold look and hence rhymes perfectly with your kitchen’s décor and theme. Overall, the toaster is designed for use by creative chefs who are keen on polishing their toasting and browning skills. The appliance toasts breads evenly thereby bringing about uniformity for all your toasts.

  • Looks good and attractive
  • Effortless to operate, use and clean
  • Durable and reliable
  • Compact and lightweight hence easy to move around
  • Delivers evenly toasted slices
  • The surface in between the slots tends to get hot after consistent use

#4, KitchenAid Toaster W/ High-Lift Lever KMT4116CU 4-Slice Long Slot, DAA- Best for long and wide slots

KitchenAid is a popular US brand that is known world-over for making some of the best and most sophisticated kitchen appliances. The KMT4116CU toaster model by KitchenAid is undoubtedly one of the best and most fascinating long slot toasters currently in the market. The best thing about this appliance is that you can use it for toasting either 4 regular size toasts or two extra-long slices. This convenience comes in handy for chefs who like trying out different recipes in the kitchen.

Compact and convenient design

Most KitchenAid appliances are designed to occupy minimal space in the kitchen. True to this, the KMT4116CU model features a compact design that is perfect for any kitchen; whether large or small. The stable base of the toaster allows for a convenient toasting session especially if you are using the toaster for long sessions. The base features a rough surface and hence you need not worry about the toaster sliding off from the countertop.

The 1.5-inch slots in the toaster are extra-long for accommodating up to 4 slices at a time or a variety of other baked foods including bagels, waffles, buns, and muffins. The most fascinating aspect of this model is that it is designed with great simplicity. As such, operating the toaster is quite easy even for beginners. More so, the toaster comes with a toasting complete alert.

7 shade settings

The KMT4116CU model by KitchenAid is a versatile kitchen appliance that allows flexibility when it comes to toasting your favorite foods. In line with this, the toaster boasts of 7 shade settings that allow you to choose the extent of brownness you want on your slices. In addition to this, the toaster has superiorly developed toasting slots that enhance evenness and uniformity for all your toasts.

The other settings in the toaster include defrost, bagel, keep warm, and reheat functions. All of these functions are preset in the toaster and hence you only need to press on your preferred function and let your food toast. There is also an under-base cord storage in the toaster for convenient storage when not using the appliance.

  • Looks great on all kitchens
  • Has a high-lift lever
  • Metal construction that guarantees durability
  • Has a toasting complete alert feature
  • Has under-base cord storage for convenient toaster storage
  • The buttons in the toaster are considerably small in size

#5, Oster 2-Slice Toaster, Metallic Grey (TSSTTRJBG1)- Best for a modern and trendy design

Oster is a new brand that has become a household name since the recent past. The brand enjoys solid recognition and reputation for designing some of the best and most reliable kitchen appliances. The Oster 2-Slice Toaster provides premium toasting results. This kitchen appliance is ideal for use both at home and in an office setting. The stylish appearance of the toaster complemented by its sleek design makes this metallic grey toaster a uniquely attractive investment.

Varied toasting functions

This Oster comes with 5 varied toasting functions. The functions include toast, cancel, bagel, keep warm, and defrost. These settings are preset in the toaster to provide you with the best toasting results. The keep-warm function keeps your toasts warm such that you do not need to warm the toasts again in case you need to eat your food later. You can use the frozen function to defrost frozen pancakes and breads.

The extra-wide slots in the toaster are designed to allow you to toast a variety of baked foods. The versatility of the toaster allows you to prepare a variety of baked foods including artisan breads, regular breads, bagels, toaster pastries, French toasts, and frozen pancakes.

Auto shut-off

In some of the toasters in the market, your slices can become burned if you do not shut off the appliance as soon as the toasting session is complete. However, this does not need to be a concern when you are using this Oster toaster. This is because the appliance features an auto shut-off function that automatically switches off the appliance once a toasting cycle is complete. In addition to this, there is an anti-jam function that ensures that your slices never get stuck in the slots due to poor setting selection or any other malfunction.

The high-lift lever in the toaster allows for easy retrieval of slices from the slots. This lever also acts as a safety feature that ensures that you never burn your fingers when removing slices from the toaster. For purposes of easy cleaning, the toaster comes with a removable crumb tray that is resistant to corrosion and rusting when washed with water.

  • Long-lasting and durable appearance
  • Auto shut-off feature with an anti-jam function
  • Extra-wide slots that accommodate a variety of baked foods
  • Auto adjustable guides
  • Easy to remove and clean crumb tray
  • Extra-long slices may not fit in the slots

#6, Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (White)-Best for simplicity and uniqueness

Cuisinart appliances embrace simplicity and uniqueness. True to this, the CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster by Cuisinart boasts of unique simplicity and a rich décor beauty. This modern toaster features contemporary styling that makes it stand out from other toasters in its league. The toaster blends in perfectly with the design of any kitchen and as such, you will enjoy great uniformity in the kitchen with this appliance. The exterior of the toaster is stain-resistant and hence discoloration and staining are issues you will never have to deal with.

Multiple toasting functions

This toaster comes with several toasting functions that include: a toast function for normal food/bread toasting, bagel function for upper half bread toasting only, reheat function for heating the bread without burning it, defrost function for toasting frozen bread and cancel for stopping a toasting session before it is complete.

The shade control setting in the toaster offers chefs a wide range of browning settings and options. This allows for perfect customization to toast your baked food how you want it. The 7 shade options in this toasting appliance allow you to choose between a light shade, medium shade, or an extremely dark shade. The shade dial in the toaster is easy to turn in a clockwise motion with each setting clearly labelled.

Understated elegance

The unique style and design of this Cuisinart toaster combined with its powerful features make this appliance an appliance worth investing in. Therefore, when you purchase this toaster, you not only get a good-looking appliance but also get a tool that you can use for all your home toasting needs. The 1.5” slots in the toaster are extra-wide and hence perfect for sliced breads, thick & thin French toasts, bagels, toaster pastries, and frozen pancakes.

There is a high-lift lever in the toaster. This lever boosts bread slices upwards thereby allowing you to easily remove small slices safely from the toaster. This modern toaster is space-efficient and also low on power consumption. As such, you can use the toaster daily without incurring high power bills. The crumb tray in the toaster is easily removable for convenient and effortless cleaning.

  • Consistent and even toasting capabilities
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Comes with multiple toasting functions
  • The crumb tray is removable and easy to clean with water
  • Extra-wide slots for toasting versatility
  • The surface between the slots gets hot excessively and can inflict injuries when mishandled

Buying guide- What to look for in the best toaster made in USA

Generally, toasters made in USA are solid, sturdy and feature unique design. The performance of these toasters as well as their reliability are some of the best in the industry. However, there are still some toaster brands made in the US that tend to break apart within a few months. Due to this, you need to undertake an extensive research so that you can settle on the best quality toaster that will not disappoint in terms of features, functions, and performance. Here are some of the factors worth considering when shopping for these toasters:


The cost of toasters made in USA varies depending on brand and model. These toasters range from as little as $20 to as much as a couple of hundred dollars. The type of toaster also determines the cost of these appliances. For instance, pop-up toasters are considerably cheaper than countertop toaster ovens. The main reason for this difference in price lies in the designs and construction of the toasters.

Pop-up toasters are quite simple in their designs as compared to countertop toaster ovens that tend to be a little complex. Another aspect that influences the price of these toasters is the features and functions in the appliances. Toasters that come with high-end functions and features tend to be costlier.


There is no point in investing in a toaster that will only last a few months. This is why you need to ensure that the USA toaster of choice is durable and built to last. This is a toaster that is built using heavy-duty materials that can withstand daily impact as well as wear and tear. The best way to ascertain the durability of a toaster is by checking the reputation that the brand has in the market.

Check the reviews left for the brand by previous customers. In addition to this, it is necessary that you also consider the warranty covers that come with the toaster of preference. Warranties ensure that you receive compensation, repair or replacement from the manufacturer in case the toaster breaks down during the warranty period.


Some simple USA toasters feature simple toasting settings like shading controls. For most people, shading settings and a few toasting options are all you need for your toasting tasks. However, if you are looking for the best toasting experience, you should settle for toasters with multiple functions and settings. Some of the features you may consider checking for include defrost, cancel, bagel, and toast options.

Additional features you may check for include a digital timer, a cord storage, and a removable crumb tray. While these features do not affect the performance of a toaster, they have a direct impact on the convenience of using the toaster. What is more about toasters with multiple functions is that they are usually fun to use.

Ease of operation, use and cleaning

Most USA toasters are pretty easy to operate and use. However, some brands are quite complex to operate and hence their use can be challenging. To avoid an instance where you will find it hard and nearly impossible to use a toaster, always settle on brands whose operation is straightforward. Check whether the settings in the toaster are designed in a way that they simplify the operation of the appliance.

Additionally, only consider toaster brands and models that are easy and effortless to clean after use. Models with removable crumb trays are hassle-free to clean and maintain in a fresh condition. In addition to this, ensure that the toaster of choice has a non-stick interior and easy-to-wipe exterior surfaces.

Bonus tip

Always evaluate yourself when you are shopping for the best USA toaster to invest in. This is because you should only invest in a brand that you can trust. Toasters just like other kitchen appliances require you to be careful so that you only settle on a model that will give you the best results. Ideally, the toaster of choice should reflect your preferences when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Frequently asked questions

How do I clean the toaster?

When you want to clean your toaster, the first thing you should do is unplug the appliance from the power source. Use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior surface of the toaster. You can use a paper towel or a dry cloth to dry the toaster after wiping it off. You should then remove the crumb tray, empty it and then rinse it in water. You can place the crumb tray in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean it thoroughly. Wipe the tray dry after cleaning.

Can I cancel a toasting session any time?

Yes, you can as long as your toaster model has a cancel function. For toasters without these functions, you cannot stop a toasting session when its underway

Is my toaster waterproof?

No. Toasters are just like any other electric appliances. As such, exposing them to water is likely to cause permanent damage, defects or faults in the appliance. Also, you should prevent contact with water for fear of electrocution.

Can I toast wet and soggy ingredients?

No. Toasters are only designed for toasting dry ingredients. In case you need to toast or warm soggy ingredients, you can consider using a toaster oven. Before you use your appliance, always ensure that you read the manufacturer’s provisions and instructions. This not only guarantees the best results but also prolongs the life of your toaster.


Making a delicious and crunchy toast is easy. The hard part about toasting is finding the best toaster made in USA. However, if you know the features and functions you are looking for in the best toaster, then it becomes easy to know the brands to settle for and those to avoid. A toaster that works perfectly will ensure that you always enjoy your toasts, bagels, muffins and waffles however you like them. Your toaster of choice should be fun and exciting to use.

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