Portuguese Canja de Galina (Chicken Soup) Recipe

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Some states that origin of the Inventory is an Indian rice and herbs soup Known as peze. Latter people began to add chicken to the inventory, creating a recipe that’s not uncommon in Goa.

Other variant shield the Portuguese Canja origin was in Malabar country, too In India, where we could find a soup understand by the title kanji, meaning water and rice. This title appears to be tighter with the Portuguese title, Canja.

The Canja consumption always had a connection with a balanced meal and With health problems. Sick people were treated using this soup, and also our Brazil emperor D. Pedro II and our queen D. Maria Pia were understand by eating Canja each and every single day, in order to fortify their wellbeing.

In Brazil the Canja soup endured an development and today it’s a rich soup, improved with different vegetables, beans and legumes.

Some people assert that the conventional Chinese soup Congea rice Porridge which might have a great deal of additional ingredients such as fish or meat, had obtained the name Conge on account of the Portuguese soup Canja.

Now in Portugal the expression Canja will refer the culinary procedure and Not the recipe itself, since now we cook this soup along with other Proteins like codfish and clams.


Portuguese Canja de Galinha (Chicken Soup) Recipe

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Type: soup

Cuisine: Portugal

Keywords: Portuguese Canja, Canja de Galina

Recipe Yield: 4

Preparation Time: PT15M

Cooking Time: PT30M

Total Time: PT45M

Recipe Ingredients:

  • ½ a chicken with the giblets and the eggs
  • ½ onion with to cloves stick on it
  • 1 carrot
  • 3L water
  • 200g long grain rice
  • Mint (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)

Recipe Instructions: In a pot add the water, the onion, the carrot, the poultry, the giblets and the eggs. Season it with salt and bring to a boil until the chicken is Tender, it is going to take a while, approximately 2h. Following the chicken tender, then take all of the ingredients from the water, and then allow them to cool. After cool take the chicken skin out and shred the meat. Strain the Inventory to additional pot and add the rice, the shredded chicken, the giblets and the eggs. Bring to a boil and let it cook for 15min. In the end add the mint and then turn off the heat.

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Portuguese Canja de Galina (Chicken Soup) – FAQs

What’s Canja de Galinha?

Canja de galinha, or merely canja, is the Portuguese name for rice and chicken soup. It literally translates into something such as chicken congee, ya know, chicken rice soup.
Canja is a really common soup, not just in Brazil, but also in Portugal and Cape Verde, and every place has their very own traditions and recipes for how to create, the way to eat and when to eat this dish.
In Brazil, canja de galinha is traditionally created out of the entire chicken, or with entire pieces of poultry, like wings, or thighs including the bone in addition to the skin. When ready this manner, this Brazilian soup is popularly referred to as canja gorda (fat congee) because of all of the fat in the chicken skin which melts into the soup.
The milder version of the chicken and rice soup recipe, the one I am going to explain just how you can create, is called canja magra (skinny congee), and can be made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
If we were sick or angry, my mother will always make us a few canja to heal our hearts or our bodies that are broken. And boy, it works! Canja is similar to true love in a bowl.

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