Top 6 Best Glass Toaster to Buy

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Over the years, toaster designers and manufacturers have relied on their innovativeness and creativity to develop some of the best and most sophisticated glass toasters. Toasters that come with see-through windows are not only practical but equally stylish. Our top pick of the best glass toasters in the market is the CUSIMAX 2 Slice Toaster. The toaster is highly efficient and reliable for all your toasting needs. The transparent glass window enables to monitor the toasting process. The toaster is also compact and hence won’t take up much space in your kitchen.

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Top 5 Best Glass Toaster to Buy

#1, CUSIMAX 2 Slice Toaster Long Slot Toasters W/ Window, Bangel, Toaster, Stainless Steel Bread Toaster W/ Automatic Lifting, Removable Crumb Tray and Slide-out Glass Panel- Best overall

This CUSIMAX toaster prides itself on being an attractive, stylish, and functional glass toaster designed for toasting two slices at a time. Like other high-end toasters, this kitchen appliance boasts of an amazing performance, reliability, and versatility. As such, you can use it for toasting bread slices, English muffins, and bagels among other baked foods. The plastic housing in the toaster is made from heavy-duty plastic and is thus able to withstand wear and tear for long.

Automatic lifting lever

The best thing about this CUSIMAX 2- slice toaster is that it features an automatic lifting lever. As such, you do not need to lift the lever manually like you would in other toasters. This automatic lifting lever is designed exclusively such that it lowers and raises the slice of bread automatically once toasting is complete. The lever pops out even the smallest bread slices such that you do not need to burn your fingers when reaching for the slices.

Heating and toasting in this high-quality 2-slice toaster are even due to the 4 quartz tube that is used for heating the bread. This tube ensures that it spreads heat evenly on the bread such that there are no portions that will be burnt more than the others. The slide-out crumb tray and glass panels are easy to clean after a few uses. You do not need to clean these parts after every use since they feature non-stick properties.

Multi-function toaster

The CUSIMAX 2-Slice toaster comes with 7 shade/browning level settings that provide the perfect toast ranging to a light shade to an extremely dark brown shade. In addition to this, the toaster features defrost and bagel functions that enhance the versatility and convenience of using the toaster. It is important to note that the buttons and knob in this toaster are designed uniquely for easy turning and pressing.

The extra-wide and long slots in this toaster are designed to provide an opportunity to toast any type of bread and other baked products as per your wishes and preferences. The toaster is constructed using stainless steel and is therefore resistant to rusting and corrosion. The viewing glass is made from heavy-duty glass that is resistant to breaking and scratching.

  • Multi-functional toaster with 7 shade settings
  • Delivers evenly toasted bread slices quickly
  • Comes with an automatic lift lever
  • Easy to operate, use and clean
  • Extra-wide and long slots for toasting versatility.
  • Considerable high power consumption

#2, Dash Clear View Toaster: Extra Wide Slot W/ Stainless Steel Accents + See-through Window-Defrost, Reheat + Auto Shut Off Feature for Bagels, Specialty Breads & other Baked Goods- Black- Best for additional features and functionalities

If you are looking for a quick and easy toaster with a see-through window, then the Dash Clear View Toaster is your ultimate choice. Featuring an easy wipe-clean exterior surface, the toaster is easy to clean up due to its slide out window and crumb tray. The toaster is a great choice for people looking for the best wedding gift or a new home gift for family and friends. The toaster is compact and hence does not take up too much countertop space.

More than toast

Dash Clear toasters are designed to be functional and reliable in all their toasting tasks. As such, this toaster is designed to deliver a unique experience that is simply more than toasting. In addition to toasting, this high-end toaster also defrost, reheats, and toasts bagels with just single-touch buttons strategically located on the toaster. You can rely on this Dash Clear toaster to diversify your breakfasts.

The extra-wide and long slots in the toasters make it possible to toast different sizes of baked products including English muffins, bagels, and specialty bread. This versatility comes in handy for creative cooks who are keen on trying new delicacies and crunchy breads every now and then.

See-through window

There is no greater fun and excitement than watching your slices of bread get toasted with an even brown shade. This is what you enjoy when you invest in this Dash toaster as it features a highly visible see-through window. There are seven browning settings in the toaster that allow you to choose your preferred shade, whether light or dark shades.

The most fascinating aspect about this toaster is that it comes with an auto-shut off feature that prevents overheating after long consistent use. As such, you do not need to worry about turning off the toaster after a few minutes to cool down. What is more amazing about this toaster is that it features a compact design and size hence ideal for all types of kitchens including those with limited countertop spaces.

  • Multiple browning levels
  • Comes with auto shut off
  • Has a high-lift lever
  • Versatile toasting appliance
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • The window is susceptible if the toaster is handled poorly

#3, Black + Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven- Best for sophisticated technology

Toasting your slices of bread, muffins and bagels does not necessarily need to take a lot of time. This is because you can invest in the Black + Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven. The toaster boasts of a quick and fast operation with excellent toasting results. The toaster oven is designed to handle different food types including grilling burgers, fish, chicken, vegetables, and Panini among other foods. The versatility of the grill is among its key selling points.

EvenToast Technology

The patented EvenToast technology in this Black + Decker toaster is specially designed to provide even toasting for 4 bread slices at a time. This toaster oven has a compact size that makes it possible to fit perfectly on the countertop without taking up too much space. As such, it is a suitable choice for people whose kitchens have limited spaces. The curved interior of the toaster allows 4 bread slices and 9” pizzas to fit comfortably.

Unlike other toasters that come with three functions, this toaster oven by Black + Decker has four functions. These functions include broiling, baking, keeping food warm, and toasting. With this toaster oven, you may even forego owning a microwave since you can use the toaster for tasks you need to accomplish with the microwave.

30-minute timer

This toaster oven saves you the trouble of having to keep watching your bread slices so that they don’t burn. This is because it has a 30-minute timer that features precise toast settings. Additionally, the toaster has a stay-on functionality for enhanced convenience during longer baking tasks. The toaster has easy to operate controls for temperature, cooking function, and the timer button.

The removable crumb tray makes it convenient and easy to clean the toaster oven after use. Additionally, the non-stick interior surfaces of the toaster guarantee that you do not need to clean the toaster oven after every use.

#4, West Bend 77224 QuikServe Slide Through Wide Slot Toaster W/ Cool Touch Exterior and Removable Crumb Tray, 2-Slice Black- Best for a classy and decorative appearance

Are you looking for a fast and quick toaster that will enhance the décor of your kitchen? If yes, then the West Bend 77224 QuikServe toaster is the ideal choice for you. The toaster is popular for its perfect combination of looks and performance. In line with this, the toaster delivers delicious and crunchy toasts in 90 seconds or even less. The compact shape and design of the toaster allow for a stable stance while ensuring that it does not take too much space on your countertop.

Electronic control

Like other high-end toasters with amazing performances and efficiency, this West Bend toaster boasts of an electronic control function. The function allows you to maintain consistent toasting with seven toasting settings to choose from. The first setting is for a light shade while the seventh setting brings about a dark shade. The electronic control allows you to decide how you wish your toasts to look like depending on your preferences.

There is also a bagel setting that makes it possible to toast your bagel on one side. In addition to this, you can also use the toaster for toasting English muffins and other types of baked products. The extra-wide slot in toaster accommodates thick breads, waffles, and bagels comfortably.

Gluten-free setting

If you are the kind of people who prefer gluten-free toasts, then this is the perfect toaster for you. This is because the toaster has a gluten-free setting that allows you to toast longer at low power for excellent gluten-free bread toasting. The toaster is power efficient and hence you are not likely to incur any high-power bills even when you use the toaster daily. The surfaces of the toaster have non-stick properties. As such, they are easy and effortless to clean.

The best thing about this toaster is that it comes with a conveniently and strategically placed tray where the toast slides through after toasting ready to serve. As such, you do not need to worry about burning your fingers when lifting bread slices from the toaster. The sleek design with a decorative black finish and cool touch exteriors make it more fun and exciting to use the toaster.

  • Features 7 shade settings
  • Ultra-fast performance
  • Extra-wide slots for accommodating thick breads
  • Has a cancel button that lets you take full control of the toasting session
  • Comes with a serving tray for added convenience
  • Does not come with a glass window

#5, Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster W/ Shade Selector, Bagel and Defrost Settings, Red Knob- Stainless Steel (WGTR104S)-Best for efficiency and durability

There is no feeling that beats the pleasure of owning a reliable all-round toaster that you can use with bread, muffins, and bagels among other baked foods. The Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice toaster is a perfect complement when it comes to high-end kitchen appliances. The toaster prides itself on innovative features and unmatched functionalities for the best toasting results.

Extra-wide slots

The added width in the slots in this unique toaster allows you to toast different sizes of breads including artisan breads, bagel, and muffins. This means that you do not have to stick to toasting thin bread slices only. What is more amazing about the toaster is that it comes with great flexibility that allows you to try out different toasting. Therefore, this is the best toaster for an outgoing and creative chef who is keen on improving their toasting and food preparation skills.

The toaster is constructed using commercial-grade heating elements that enhance the durability and reliability of the toaster. What is more about this construction is that it makes it possible to use the appliance for heavy-duty toasting. Additionally, it also guarantees that the toaster can deliver years of endless and reliable service.

Advanced toasting technology

The unique self-centering guides in the toaster ensure that the toasters precisely center all bread (thin and thick bread) for even toasting and consistent browning. Therefore, with this toaster, you need not worry about unevenly toasted bread with some parts being burnt while others are lightly toasted. The toaster features pre-programmed settings that include a bagel, frozen, keep warm settings, and a shade selector dial. These settings allow you to take the best control of your toasting session.

  • Extra-wide and long slots
  • Auto-centering guides enhance even toasting
  • Sturdy and durable commercial-grade construction
  • Multiple browning levels
  • Features a removable crumb tray
  • The toaster lacks a see-through window

#6, 2 Slice Toaster, Hosome Stainless Steel Bread Bagel Toaster Extra Wide Slot Toaster W/ Warming Rack, 6 Shade Settings, LED Display, Removable Crumb Tray, Bagel/ Defrost/ Reheat/Cancel Function, 800W-Best for versatility and convenience

With an inbuilt warming rack, the Hosome Stainless Steel toaster is popular for its efficiency, reliability and convenience when toasting a variety of baked food items. The toaster is not limited to toasting only bread slices. This is because you can use the appliance for toasting English muffins, waffles, and bagels among other baked products. This versatility comes in handy if preparing tasty, crunchy, and delicious breakfast is your hobby.

Multi-function interface

The toaster comes with a multi-function feature that is designed to enhance the usability and performance of the toaster. The defrost function is designed for warming frozen bread slices, bagel setting for browning only one side of the slice, reheat function for continuing the toasting process if you are not satisfied with the first result, and cancel for discontinuing the toasting process whenever you like.

All the setting buttons and the shading knob are strategically on the face of the toaster for convenient access. There is also a high lift lever in the toaster for lifting bread slices after they are toasted. This lever saves you the inconvenience and safety hazard of having to lift the slices from the slots. As such, with this toaster, you cannot burn your fingers like it is common when using substandard toasters.

LED digital timer

This Hosome 2-Slice toaster features a blue digital (LED) countdown timer. This timer displays the time that the bread will take to toast fully and pop up. The best thing about the timer is that its blue color adds on to the uniqueness, attractiveness and overall appearance of the timer. The slots in the toaster are 5.6” long and 1.8” wide thereby accommodating any type of bread and muffins.

  • Versatile toaster with unlimited toasting capabilities
  • Non-stick interiors and exteriors that are easy to clean
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Comes with six browning levels
  • Complements any interior décor in the kitchen
  • Lacks a glass window

#7, Kalorik Glass Toaster- Best for simplicity

The Kalorik Glass Toaster is a unique toaster with an extra-long and wide slot. This size allowance in this toaster guarantees that you can toast even 2 thick pieces of bagels, and waffles. What is more unique about the toaster is that its long slots are designed to fit thick, wide, and long artisanal bread slices. The best thing about these slots is that they are self-centering. As such, the slots automatically adjust to varying bread thicknesses.

Three programmed settings

This classy glass toaster features three factory-programmed settings. These settings are reheat, defrost, and bagel. To activate any of these settings, you only need to press any of the buttons marked on the control panel. The toaster has an extra-lift functionality that enables you to carefully and safely remove all slices from the toaster including small-sized toasts.

There is an adjustable brown setting knob on the glass toaster. This knob allows you to choose your preferred shade by turning the knob. There is a classic cancel button that lets you stop a toasting cycle. Ideally, the toaster is designed to give you the best toasting results while allowing you to take full control of the whole process.

Safe to use

  • Adjustable browning shade browning shade
  • Solid and scratch-resistant steel housing
  • Comes with three settings
  • Sliding crumb tray and glass
  • Comes with an auto-shutoff feature
  • The glass window can break if poorly handled

Buying guide

Before investing your hard-earned cash in any glass toaster, it is necessary to ensure that you are aware of the factors that you should look for in the best glass toaster. This will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best value for your money while at the same time get the best quality but affordable toaster. You do not need to break your bank when investing in these toasters as some high-end glass toasters are priced competitively. Some of the factors worth considering include:

Slot size

The size of the slot in a glass toaster determines several aspects including the versatility and reliability of the toaster. If you like toasting homemade breads, specialty breads, or other larger breads, you need to settle on a toaster with a large slot size. This is because such slots accommodate different bread sizes comfortably. The best slot width to settle for should be at least 1.5 inches.

Browning control

While in glass toasters it is possible to monitor the toasting and browning progress when toasting, you must consider the browning control of the toaster of preference. Ensure that the heating elements in the toaster of choice are not far apart from each other. In toasters where these elements are spaced far from each other, it is possible to get patchy toasts. While considering browning control, you should also check the browning/shading settings that the toaster comes with. The high these settings are, the better the toasting results will be.

Ease of cleaning

The glass window and crumb trays are some of the parts of a toaster that tend to get dirtier a lot faster than other parts. As such, ensure that the glass toaster you will settle for comes with removable crumb trays and glass windows. Additionally, the crumb tray should be water-friendly so that it does not get damaged when you wash and rinse it in water. The rest of the interior parts in the toaster should have non-stick properties so that you do not need to clean the surfaces after every use.

Life expectancy and durability

Even though glass toasters seem to have long life expectancies and durability when taken good care of, some brands are built to last longer than others. As such, it is recommendable that the toaster of choice should be built using superior quality materials that are bound to last for long. Also, ensure that the toaster of choice is features guaranteed performance throughout its life. This will save you the trouble of having to repair or replace the toaster within a few months.

Style and color

Style and color are personal preferences that have no impact whatsoever on the performance, reliability and efficiency of a toaster. As such, your color preferences should be influenced by your tastes as well as the décor theme in your kitchen. When it comes to style, you may need to pay more attention to the style of your preferred kitchen. This is so that you settle on a toaster with a compact style and design especially if you want to economize on the space in your kitchen.


The features in a toaster will determine how efficient and reliable this appliance will be in the kitchen. There are some standard features that every toaster should come with. These features are such as: defrost, cancel, and reheat features. With these functionalities, the toaster can perform all your toasting needs without any inconveniences whatsoever. However, there are other additional features that you should consider in the toaster you are interested in buying. These extra features enhance the versatility, suitability and convenience of the toasters. The features are such as keep warm, variable width slots, countdown timer, and a high lift lever among other features.

Number of slices

Ideally, for a home glass toaster, you do not need to invest in a six-slice toaster. This is because a 2 or 4-slice toaster will work best for a typical home kitchen. Usually, toasters with a high number of slice slots tend to be expensive than those with a small slice number. Consider the space available in your kitchen as well as the number of people who are likely to be using the toaster when deciding on the number of slices to opt for. It is recommendable to settle for four-slice toasters as they offer more variable settings compared to two-slice toasters.


The price of glass toasters depends on several factors including build quality, features, and brand among other factors. You should only settle on a glass toaster that is within your affordability range. It is worth noting that there are toasters that are quite expensive whose prices can stretch into a few hundred dollars. Have a budget that will guide you on the toaster to purchase depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend on a glass toaster. Additionally, always buy a solid brand that is reputable for its quality, reliability and efficiency.

Why should you buy a toaster with a glass window?

Toasters with glass windows look attractive and are exciting to use. They also make it possible to have the best toasting results since the transparent window allows you to monitor the toasting progress so that you can stop it at the perfect moment. They are also an ideal choice for beginners who are trying out their toasting skills.

Why do you need to be extra careful when using a glass toaster?

Glass, regardless of how strong and solid it seems to be, is susceptible to breaking. Therefore, don’t fall for common marketing gimmicks that the glass in your toaster cannot break even under the greatest impact. As such, take care of the toaster by ensuring that you do not drop it or expose it to any forces that may cause breakage. Additionally, when storing the toaster keep it in a safe place away from the reach of children. What is more, to note about glass toasters as well as other toasters is that you should never put them in dishwashers.


Generally, the best glass toasters are fun and exciting to use. This is because they allow you to monitor how the toasting is progressing and undertake the necessary changes during the toasting process. Finding the right toaster for you does not necessarily need to be a hard and complex task. This is because you just need to know the factors, features, and other attributes you ought to check for in the best toasters. Always settle on a toaster that meets your needs, preferences and demands. Such a toaster will be worth every penny you spend on it.

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