How To Cut A Roll Of Paper Towels In Half – 2 Easy And Effective Ways

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Cutting a roll of paper towels in half is an easy way to get twice as many towels for the same price.

This article will show you how to cut a roll of paper towels in half so that they are easier to store, and more accessible when needed.

Keep reading this article if you want to know:

  • How to cut a roll of paper towels in half?
  • How to make wet wipes from paper towels
  • Why are paper towels useful?
  • Why are paper towels better than rags?

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How to cut a roll of paper towels in half?

As you know, paper towels are a wonderful way to keep your kitchen or bathroom tidy. They’re also great for cleaning up any messes that might happen in between uses! But they come on such long rolls and it’s difficult to find the center of them so there can be some waste when we cut them down the middle only need half a roll at once.

Cutting down a roll of paper towels is simple. You can always cut the towel in half by folding it over and then cutting it across with scissors, or you could use an electric knife to make cuts on both sides simultaneously.

In the first way, you need to get the scissors and place them exactly at one end on either side. Next, make sure that there is enough space for your finger so that it can fit around both edges as close together without touching each other. Now, push down with firm pressure until they have been separated all the way down halfway across from where they were placed originally.

Another way is to use the table saw. A band saw would probably do as well, but I don’t have one to test on. Firstly put on your safety glasses then raise the blade as high as it will go and with the wrapper still attached in one swift motion pull down while spinning around until all of that pesky plastic is gone!

How to make wet wipes from paper towels?


  1. 1 roll of paper towels cloth-like
  2. 2 cups water
  3. 2 tablespoons liquid baby bath soap
  4. 1 tablespoon baby oil
  5. 7 to 8 cup square or round container


  1. Cut paper towel roll in half with the serrated knife, you can use a bread blade too.
  2. Place one of the halves in the round or square container.
  3. Boil 2 cups of water for 2 minutes.
  4. Add liquid bath soap and baby oil to the hot water.
  5. Pour mixture evenly over paper towels.
  6. Remove the cardboard core from the paper towel roll.
  7. Put the lid on the container.
  8. Pull the wipes from the center and remember to replace the lid after every use.
  9. The wipes should stay wet and fresh for up to a week, but if they dry out before you’ve used them all, simply refresh the roll with hot water.
  10. Do not flush.

Why are paper towels useful?

Making paper towels environmentally friendly

This paper towel is a new development in the world of eco-friendly technology. It works by breaking down as it gets wet, and can be used over 600 times before being recycled!

Makes you feel like your doing something to help out with Greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing any convenience, right?

Paper towels eliminate residual moisture and germs

Paper towels are great for cleaning up spills and they can also be used to dry your hands after washing them. They eliminate residual moisture that may have bacteria, which is good since it’s easy to pick those germs back up!

Paper towels reduce time and noise

The noise generated and the wait time for a hand dryer might be enough to send some people running back to paper towels. The average person spends just seconds wiping their hands on an old-fashioned paper towel, which is much quicker than waiting 30 seconds or more with no one in sight who can help you out

Why are paper towels better than rags?

Paper towels are great because they’re absorbent, don’t leave lint or dirt behind, and can be used over again.

Paper towels keep hands cleaner by not having to touch something that has been touched many times before like a rag does. Paper towel is also an eco-friendly product as it doesn’t have to go in the landfill after one use, making them better for our environment than rags.

Rags are a cheaper option than paper towels, but they don’t do as good of a job at cleaning up messes. Paper towels hold the liquid and allow you to clean it off more easily with just one sheet.


How long does a roll of paper towels last?

Using half sheets in our household made each roll last about almost 20% to 30% longer (your miles may vary of course.) We used to go through a roll of paper towels every 2 weeks but using half sheet paper towel rolls lasted us almost 3 weeks.

Do paper towels get old?

If stored properly, paper towels do not expire. To maximize the lifetime of paper towels, keep them in their original plastic wrapping or in a sealed waterproof container. Also store paper towels away from humidity, potential water leaks, dust, or mice.


We showed you how to cut a roll of paper towels in half into two smaller rolls so that they’ll last twice as long!

We hope to see another way from you!

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